Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Vacation on Boracay - Vacation Houses and Studios
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BORACAY: Hot spot for travelers from around the globe -
White Beach sometimes a bit overloaded, wonderful sunsets,
party time after sunset, kiting at it's best on Bulabog Beach, rustic
island lifestyle on Tambisaan beach, Lovers love Yapak Puka Shell Beach and even the "Cow and the Dolphin" have more fun together in this tropical paradise...


It's more Fun in the Philippines - And even the Cow and the Dolphin have more Fun together in the Philippines

Philippines: Busuanga Island, Palawan

Vacation Rentals on Boracay Island
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Off the beaten path in the Philippines: Palawan.....
Let the photos inspire you and see by yourself -
Amazing places over and under water waiting for you!
Some pics are from "B-BAD" Diving and Tours as well as from the newly opened "Sanctuaria Tree-houses". We have not yet visited this tree house resort but we love tree houses and own one our self in Laserna Valley near Boracay - so we will visit this place for sure - seems to be a lovely place....

Beautiful Palawan, Philippines - Visit the newly opened "Sanctuaria Tree houses" in Busuanga Island....

Monday, 3 March 2014

Wanderlust Philippines - Smiling children

What do you like "Best" in the Philippines ?
  The list can be long: 
The warm climate, the sunshine, sunsets, tropical beaches,
friendly people, ice cold beer, letchon , the sea, scenic landscape, tropical rain forest, adventure, diving, snorkeling.......
  The list can be short:
So many happy smiling laughing playing children...
You really can learn a lot from them - Even very simple basic things can make them so happy - Less is More - Enjoy your Life!

Enjoy life the most - Even simple things can make them so happy!