Friday, 28 February 2014

Philippines - Underwater Wonder World

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Philippines: Tropical Underwater Wonder World

The Philippines are a traveler's paradise. And a large number of
visitors come to the 7107 Island for one good reason only: 
They like to discover the Philippine underwater wonder world...
Some come to dive - some come to snorkel.
Among the best dive sites in the world ( Tubbataha Reef, Apo Reef, The Canyons - Puerto Galera ) the Philippines are also a tropical paradise underwater - go snorkeling!
Some of the best snorkel sites: 100 Islands - Alamios, Apo Island (Dumaguete), Siquijor Island (off Dumaguete), Balicasag Island (off Bohol), Nalusuam Island - Cebu, Siete Pecadoes - Coron and 
"The Coral Garden" in Puerto Galera....
Two times among the best dive sites worldwide

Philippines: Tropical underwater wonder world - Discover it yourself.....

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  1. A question, in the pic of the whale sharks w/divers,there is a giant green fish looming in the rear right, WHAT IS THAT??? I have never seen anything except ancient species that looked anything like it! If you know, I'd really appreciate the help.🐙