Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tropical Dreams - Part Eight

"Hope it is soon Saturday - or Sunday... For sure Weekend!"
     Here on Boracay the clock ticks different: " FRIDAY'S "...
One of Boracay's first and best tropical beach resorts -
"FRIDAY'S Boracay" - One day - every day - Friday's....
      Tropical Dreams are made of this....

Picture perfect location along White Beach Boracay: "Friday's Boracay" - Tropical Dream in the Philippines

Tropical Dream: Boracay Island, Philippines - Friday's Hotel Resort

Friday's Boracay - Not only Friday night - every night here at Friday's Boracay is romantic !


Boracay, Philippines: Friday's is a true lovers heaven - don't ever miss there buffet dinner - of course always Friday's  

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