Monday, 10 February 2014

Tropical Dreams - Part Nine

Fiesta in Roxas City, Panay Island, Philippines
Fiestas in the Philippines - A must to Go....
Colorful, Vibrating, Loud, Crowded, Unbelievable -
 If you hear the word " Fiesta" - GO...It's a must....Only in the Philippines - If you forget to bring your camera you will kill yourself later - Tropical Dreams Alive.....Don't drink too much...

Fiesta Philippines - Iloilo City, Panay, Philippines

Fiesta Roxas City, PanayIsland, Philippines - Photo shows a Fiesta Siesta......


Fiesta in Kalibo, Panay - Philippine's most famous  - Ati Athihan - Don't miss it !


It's FUN. it's PARTY,  it's MUSIC, it's FOOD, it.s DRINKS - and it's all about LOVE : Fiesta in Kalibo, Philippines

Fiesta in Cebu City - Colorful Philippines

IloIlo City, Panay Island - Philippines : Tropical Dream - Must to attend!

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